About me


Well hello there,

My name is Jozy Bernadette Huff. I was born and raised in North Dakota but currently I am living in Music City; Nashville, Tennessee. Most recently I have been working on my original music and I am so excited to get it out for you to hear!

I am many things but just so you can get to know me:

I am a wife, a singer, a dancer, a sister, an Aunt, and a dog mom. I have a shoe problem and I love all cooking/ baking shows. I am a lipstick addict. Clothing is my form of expressing my wild side. I am an Eggo Waffle chef. I am a proud ranch dressing connoisseur. I am a thrift store shopper and a boutique lover. Music runs through my veins and gives me my purpose.

This blog is a platform for me to share my life. I want to share with you the last year of my life which I spent planning my own wedding. From there I will transition this wedding blog to a lifestyle blog. I want to share with you fun outfit ideas. I want to share with you my music. I want to share with you things that get my heart racing and inspire me. This is my space where I can share everything, every detail. I am hoping it can help inspire you. Especially if you are planning your wedding, let these wedding blogs inspire or help you out in your journey.

Let the blogging journey begin.

xoxo Jozy