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Finding My Dream Dress

Finding My Dream Dress

“I waited for the tingles and the tears.”

Fall in love with how you feel in the dress, how confident you feel in it. On your wedding day, literally all eyes will be on you. You want to feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt in your dress.

I HAVE to start off by saying. If you are reading this and you are a bride-to-be, you need to allocate AT LEAST a year for a custom order dress. If you are okay with buying a dress directly from a bridal shop then you can do just that at anytime. If you want to order a custom dress, you need 6 TO 9 MONTHS NOT INCLUDING ALTERATIONS. I just have to stress this right away. Trust me I worked as a bridal consultant for the last 7 months of my life and it takes time for your dress. 

Okay, bridal consultant rant over :). 

It was November, my family flew to Nashville for Thanksgiving and to help me find my dress. I chose to not have all my friends with as I know my style and I knew I would get overwhelmed having tons of opinions towards the dress I chose. Plus its an added expense to fly everyone in to dress shop and I didn’t want to stress out my girls. Although I missed them being there for the moment I knew I wanted to surprise them on the day of the wedding. I didn’t show any of my bridesmaids my dress, I wanted to create an even bigger moment with a dress reveal on the wedding day. Just stay tuned for those pictures, it was SO worth not showing them! Back to the story.. Having my Mom and two sisters there with me was perfect. I had dreamt of finding my dress since I was a little girl. I booked the bridal appointments out weeks in advance and went into the weekend with the intent on finding my dress. 

Are you about to go wedding dress shopping? My tips for you:

  • Stay hydrated

  • Drink Coffee. Champagne before is fun and all but can lead to a headache and or blur your vision when picking out your dress, trust me, you do not want that.

  • Eat Before

  • Stay focused on your vision

  • Have fun! This is part of your story, you found your dream guy/girl, now enjoy the magic of finding your dream dress.

There are THOUSANDS of wedding dresses, shops, boutiques. Every wedding dress is made to be beautiful in its own way. A dress is a dress, you want that dress to make you feel something. Feel confident, feel sexy, and the feeling like you cant stop smiling in it. You want to let the magic of falling in love with your dress happen when you go dress shopping. I cannot tell you how many millennial brides I worked with who had FOMO, fear of missing out, on other dresses and missing their moment in the dress right then in the present. They loved the dress it was everything they wanted but because they were scared there was something else out there they didn’t say yes to the dress. You only get to find your dress once, so once that moment is gone its gone. Yes, you can come back and buy the dress but the emotions and feelings and magic isn’t as special as the first time you knew it was your dress. Also if you are trying to go to ten wedding dress shops all you are going to do is confuse yourself and exhaust yourself. Trust me, you take elements and details from each dress and start to create a dress in your head. Vision is blurry and the experience of finding your dress is a bit changed. Go into bridal gown shopping with an open mind and an open heart, let the magic of falling in love with your dress happen. Be in the moment.

Day 1: We started at White Dresses, in Germantown.

It was in my neighborhood and I walked by and would always peek in the windows. The store is gorgeous, very small but so intimate and perfect for the small group I had with me. I tried on around six dresses and I found one I felt like a bride in. I loved it but something was missing. I knew there had to be my dress out there somewhere in Nashville. I loved my experience there and the dresses were very beautiful but I hadn’t found the one.  

Day 2: Our first appointment was a flop as the store had a scheduling error. 

We found Bella Rose Bridal, a nice store on White Bride Pike   here in Nashville. The store was very different from White Dresses. The dresses were in bags and it was a “help yourself” bridal salon. It was a little difficult to see the dresses when they were in bags and so close together but this was a great place to simple try on. It helped me figure out the shape I liked and the amount of detail I wanted. My sisters tried on some pretty awesome bridesmaid dresses as well. :)

Day 2 Continued:Next Stop, Fabulous Frocks in Franklin, TN

A beautiful store, very very kind bridal consultant and beautiful dresses. I think at this point I was getting a little frustrated and to be honest a little hangry ( Hungry/Angry = Hangry) / needed coffee. I thought every dress I put on was beautiful but what bridal gown isn’t? I was feeling a little defeated but knew my dress was still out there. The consultant at this store actually told me to try Posh Bridal Couture based off of what I was describing in the dress I wanted. 

Day 3: November 25th 2017, Posh Bridal Couture,

This store is located in Cummins Station, downtown Nashville. The moment I walked in, it just felt right. It has blush colored walls, crystal chandeliers and it is a much smaller boutique. The appointment was two hours and we had a bridal consultant with us to help us. I described what I wanted: vintage, glamorous, something sexy and fitted but with something different. 

I tried on two dresses and then she held up two dresses that where above my budget but I wanted to try anyways. I picked one of them. I was stuck in between the ballgown feel but wanting the fitted sexy look. At Posh, there are no mirrors in the dressing room so when you step out and walk to the block in front of the mirror there really is a moment. Ed Sheeran was playing in the background and I stepped up and looked at myself. The dress had a removable full tulle skirt and underneath was my fitted, sexy, “blinged” out dress. I lost it, I got goosebumps down to me knees and I started crying. My mom lost it, the bridal consultant, and even my sisters got emotional. Ever since I was a little girl I imagined a dress with sleeves, the bridal consultant told me I could order more appliqué and make custom sleeves. A CUSTOM DRESS,  I FOUND MY DRESS. I couldn’t stop smiling and dancing!!!!

My Dress designer was Enzoani, Style: Lynn with detachable skirt. If the designer ever reads this, thank you for creating the dress of my dreams. xoxo

Below are the two dresses I tried on first and then photos of the moment I found my dress.

When I was in my dressing room I looked on the ground and saw a penny heads up. I know to some people it means good luck, but to me it means something so much more. When I was little my Grandma Mabel watched me. When she got sick she told me that after she is long gone every time I find a penny heads up its her giving me a kiss on the cheek. There was my Grandma Mabel’s presence on the day I found my wedding dress. It was perfect. 

March 2018, My dress arrives!

It was my exact size I ordered but I had lost weight so it needed to be taken in but it was perfect. I got the extra fabric and appliqué’s and made an appointment with Karen Hendrix Couture, I swear to you when I say this, Karen is the “Fairy God Mothers of Alterations Specialists!”  She is the sweetest woman and so unbelievably talented. I would trust her with my life. She worked with me for months making my custom sleeves. It was a process but it was so worth it to have my dream dress have sleeves. She hemmed, fitted and made a bustle on my dress. I will go into depth in another post about my alterations.

My dress has arrived! I get to take her home!!

My dress has arrived! I get to take her home!!

Suited Up

Suited Up

Congrats you are ENGAGED!

Congrats you are ENGAGED!